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Online Classes

for children & adults
online classes for 



for students 8-13

Schedule TBD


This course is a great opportunity to improve your skills in different art techniques, to acquire a deeper understanding of the fundamental elements of design and make important connections with the work of some great artists. In this 1.5 hour zoom class we will follow a monthly session format, focusing on a specific theme each month. Themes will be announced in this section in advance. You can access this information in our calendar, as well as the list of materials you will need to prepare for each session.

Cost $75-100 / session

To receive an online class link please  complete this registration with a payment


 for children 4+

 & the whole family


It's not just a class, it's a game! Every second Monday of the month we will hold a free class for Sirin students, family, friends and extended  community. 

you will have to guess what you are drawing, while you are drawing it! The subject will remain a mystery until somebody guesses what it is correctly. There will be a different drawing every class. It can be an animal, an object, Complete and collect as many images as you can, and put them together in a story or a composition at the end. There will be a virtual exhibit at the end! 

This new project is also a fundraiser: 100% of donations will help to provide all our students with the equal opportunity to participate in our summer programs.


List of materials


Donations to Sirin Scholarship Fund are gratefully accepted

online & blended courses for 



Schedule TBD


Sculpting with pottery clay

for children 5+

Play with clay at home! Better yet: set up your pottery studio outside and enjoy the fresh air while you are sculpting your masterpieces.

This blended 3-day course will consist of two online live instructions and one in person class at the studio. Each course will be project based but will also provide some inspiration and advise (and clay!) for independent work.  

The number of students attending a class at the studio (our outdoor space) will be limited to 5. We also considering a possible staggered schedule. If necessary, this course can be fully virtual with a contactless drop off/pick up of supply and the artworks (for and after firing)

Cost: $120*

*Includes supply and fireing fee ($25)

Enchanted Garden

of Odilon Redon

Schedule TBD


Soft pastel and Charcoal

for students 10+

This 5-day course is a great opportunity for our older students to explore the possibilities that soft pastel and charcoal have to offer. In our projects will embrace both a careful studying of nature and the freedom of imagination. We chose a perfect guide for this artistic exploration - French artist Odilon Redon, who’s imagery is just as fascinating and unrestricted as his technique. The course will provide both the benefits of life online instruction and unlimited feedback on the artworks students create in this class. 

Cost: $150*

*Materials are not included



Schedule TBD


Drawing & Painting

for students 11+

This two-part course (10 classes total) is specifically designed for students seeking in-depth art instruction as they work on developing their art portfolios. Students considering PVA schools and art careers in the future will focus on developing the necessary observational drawing skills required for auditions and portfolio presentations.

In Part I, DRAWING (6 classes), we will be sketching objects in perspective (separately and in a still life); learning about proportions and shapes of human face to prepare for creating a self-portrait; and learning about shading with graphite pencil and charcoal.

Focus of Part II, PAINTING (4 classes), we'll be improving our acrylic and watercolor technique while working on subjects related to nature.

Length of each class is 1.5 hour. Students may choose to take both courses or just one of them. 

Cost: Drawing $180*, Painting $120*

*Materials are not included



Enjoy making art all the while trying to guess what exactly you are drawing. That’s right: we are not telling you! The subject will remain a mystery until somebody guesses what it is correctly. It can be you!

Here is how it works: 

  • Guess the subject of your drawing

  • Complete each image (we will be doing a different one each zoom class)

  • Collect all of your completed pictures 

  • Put them together in a unique story to share with the friends

  • Send us a picture of your final composition

  • Sometime in June 2021 (date TBD) attend our virtual exhibit opening with a suitable cocktail in hand.



Free class for the whole family!

Have a case of the Mondays and need a break? Zoom right in for a fun hour of creativity and friendly banter. We would like to bring all Sirin friends together for a social hour and an art class. You are welcome to invite your family and friends! This class is FREE for all registered students - Zoom right it!

It is a great opportunity to learn a little about our studio. We are welcome new friends. Please, register to participate. A small donation to Sirin Scholarship Fund will be much appreciated. This fund will provide full and partial scholarships for our programs to the families who struggle during this uncertain times. 

We can have fun and do some good together! 

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online courses for 




You don’t have to be a mechanic to take a Ferrari for a spin! Of course, there are a few buttons and road rules you need to know. We can help with that!  Sign up for our two-day introductory online painting class to see if our cruising speed is for you. Ferrari not included: see the list of materials you will need bellow.

Course duration:

2 live online classes 1.5 hrs each. Unlimited feedback on the artworks created in class





Leave your art fears behind. Grab your paints, brushes and escape into a landscape (painting) with us! We will help you find the best trail, suitable for a beginner art hiker. During each of our 4-class courses will produce 2-3 artworks (sketches and paintings). 

Course duration:

4 live online classes 1.5 hrs each. Unlimited feedback on the artworks created in class




Get your art supplies ready because we are here to help you draw, paint, and oil pastel your way through that fearsome fur and scales. We will create 2-3 pieces during each course. And you will be on your way to becoming an animal whisperer!

Course duration:

4 live online classes 1.5 hrs each. Unlimited feedback on the artworks created in class


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