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Scholarship Fund


Sirin Art Studio has been facing the same challenges as many small businesses during the pandemic. Even so, we believe you can always find a light in difficult times, especially if you are willing to help it shine. Over the past few months of lockdown, we have provided nearly 40 hours of free online classes for children and adults to help relieve some of the stress our students and parents were experiencing. It was truly an amazing experiment: friends from different cities and states, family members, younger siblings etc. joined our classes. We met many new people and we came to appreciate the joy of giving and making art together in a very different way. It is not a surprise that some of our Sirin family has been affected financially and free classes were a big help. At the same time, many others have offered and given donations to the studio, which has been appreciated. This gave us an idea to create the Sirin Scholarship Fund as a place where love for art and generosity can do the most good. This fund will provide full and partial scholarships for our programs (which we give every year, since the opening of the Studio) as well as to help with acquiring some necessary art materials for those who cannot participate in our in-person classes (a need which we realized during the pandemic).

We also want to continue seeing our students making art along with their family members and our new friends from all over the country. So, we are excited to announce a new open community project “Artzoom Mystery” – a FREE class for all! No donations are required (though any amount will be much appreciated) for you to participate. Just register (once!) to join our class every second Monday of the month. Read more about this fun new project below. 

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Free class for the whole family!

Have a case of the Mondays and need a break? Zoom right in for a fun hour of creativity and friendly banter. We would like to bring all Sirin friends together for a social hour and an art class. You are welcome to invite your family and friends! The class is FREE! But, we would appreciate any donations toward our Sirin Scholarship Fund that we are starting this year. Scholarships will subsidize tuition for summer programs, making sure everyone has an equal opportunity to participate. It takes a village, and the Sirin village is a great one!


Learn more and ...

Register (once)

to obtain the link to the class


Enjoy making art all the while trying to guess what exactly you are drawing. That’s right: we are not telling you! The subject will remain a mystery until somebody guesses what it is correctly. It can be you!

Here is how it works: 

  • Guess the subject of your drawing

  • Complete each image (we will be doing a different one each zoom class)

  • Collect all of your completed pictures 

  • Put them together in a unique story to share with the friends

  • Send us a picture of your final composition

  • Sometime in June 2021 (date TBD) attend our virtual exhibit opening with a suitable cocktail in hand.


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