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ALL DAY Art for teens

This program is coming out of years of working with Sirin’s awesome teenage students – which has given us both insight and appreciation for the challenges they face and their need for a safe and fun environment. And while our teens (and pre-teens) are great at being mindful and patient around younger students, they do sometimes need a space on their own. That’s exactly what we are going to offer with this 3-day intensive program – a lot of space (physical and mental), and of course – a lot of art!

On our field trips to the museum (The Walters or BMA, TBD) will have an opportunity to study our chosen subject in depth, have discussions, and compare our observations. Sketching and learning from actual masterpieces is an important part of our program. Later we will take our visual notes back to the studio as inspiration for an original project. 

Another goal, just as important in our view, is to create a quality (and mostly “unplugged”) social environment where our students can enjoy the company of like-minded creative people and be present together. We will go out for lunch to a fun artsy café* one day, make our own lunch over a bonfire another day, and so much more!

Even though an extended day is new for our studio, we will be utilizing Inna’s almost two decades of experience with the sleep-away camps. There will be two adults on every Baltimore field trip and for some studio activities. All participants will have a detailed schedule prior to the beginning of the camp.


Maximum number of students – 10.


Additional differently themed sessions are possible.


Tuition: $380*

*Includes a lunch at  Paperoon Diner

3-day intensive art  program for students 12+
Extended day  9AM-6PM

Session 1   June 28-30     spots savailable  3 
Session 2   July 19-21

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