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Still life

  1. Still life (choice of techniques - graphite, charcoal, oil paints, watercolor)

  2. Still life with a plaster form

  3. Close up: tiny objects still life (jewelry, small tools etc.)

  4. Objects suspended in space 

  5. Objects distorted behind glass (vase, fish bowl, glass etc.)

  6. Still life with a central object (scull, bird, old shoe etc.)

  7. Still life with cut fruit


  1. Self-portrait (choice of technique)

  2. Portrait (graphite, soft pastel)

  3. Portrait (oil pastel, acrylic)

  4. Portrait from an old family photograph


  1. One point perspective (street, river banks, room)

  2. Two points perspective (corner of the room, building, path in the park)

  3. Building in perspective with graffiti 


  1. Body movement study (from observation)

  2. Hands and/or feet in a composition

  3. Plaster head (graphite) 

  4. Plaster torso (graphite)

  5. Scull (graphite)


Conceptual composition: themes and ideas

  1. Portrait (self-portrait) with a conceptual background, a story

  2. Self-portrait in historical costume

  3. War

  4. Motherhood

  5. Time

  6. Home (memory of your childhood)

  7. Animals as representation of a mood, dream etc. 

  8. Protest

  9. Solitude

  10. Special object

Mixed media

  1. Relief from corrugated cardboard (still life, landscape, botanical)

  2. Puppet or doll

  3. Modeling clay relief

  4. Textile art (stuffed toy; embroidery elements)

  5. Mixed media collage, applique (textile or paper)

  6. Mask (pottery clay, papier mache)



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We believe it is very important for student artists to have an access to good art materials. There is a tremendous number of materials available on the market. It can be very exciting and very confusing at the same time. Some of them are very pricey, while others have a poor quality.  Below is the list of materials that in our opinion have good price to quality ratio for our aspiring artists. We will continue adding to this list as we learn about new materials or try respond to your questions.

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