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Sirin Art Studio Contingency plan

last updated on March 18, 2020

Session 3 starts amid rising concerns in our community about the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it will affect our lives and activities. We are putting out a plan that will address a few of those concerns. We are all going to feel the effects of this situation and will be facing if not health then logistical and financial hurdles. We are in it together and we can help one another in this situation.


  1. We are switching all weekend classes to a drop-in format at a $35/class. We believe it will help you to make the right decision whether to come or not to come. We hope a lower price will offset some of the financial strains our families might experience during this time.

  2. Sirin is a small business and we also expect to be affected. Prompt payments at the time of class will be very much appreciated. To make it more convenient we are adding Venmo @Inna-Slutskaya

  3. We wish everyone to stay healthy and vigilant as it comes to our daily routines. However, if your child, or anyone in the family, develops any respiratory symptoms, we would ask you not to come to class. If only out of abundance of caution and not to make other people nervous.

  4. Check our website and Facebook page before coming to class. We will be posting our status every day that there is a scheduled class. Our schedule might change at any time or classes can get suspended until further notice.

  5. We will suspend our after-school program Art Class+ until the end of March (possibly until the end of the school year). The remaining balance may be applied to other/future classes. Otherwise a reimbursement will be issued upon request.


  1. In the Studio, we use all available ways to sanitize our space before and after classes. However, we cannot sanitize our art supply effectively, especially during the class. We are encouraging our students to wash their hands frequently, and especially before they are getting snacks.

  2. We switched to using paper towels to dry our hands instead the cloth ones.

  3. All the cups, glasses and mugs used by our students are being (and always have been)

      sanitized in the dishwasher.



Well, this is the hardest one! We decided to give Taavi, our sweet four-legged assistant and tireless kiss planter and collector, some time off.  Don’t worry about her: she will be collecting unemployment benefits until she can resume her duties.


With possible schools’ closings or quarantines, we must stay mentally and artistically fit! Here is a plan for Sirin Studio students:

  1. Acquire a nice sketchbook and a set of drawing pencils. A set of color pencils wouldn’t hurt either (especially for younger students).

  2. Check our Facebook page daily for sketchbook assignments.

  3. You are welcome to reach out for a feedback by emailing or texting (443-254-7454) your images. But we will do a sketchbook review when we resume our regular activities.



Our Art Show at West Annapolis Artworks has been postponed. If you brought your artworks already and not in a rush to get them back, feel free to leave them here for a while.  Hopefully the art stars will align for us, we will try again in May-June. Fingers crossed.

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