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A professional art studio offering classes and unique workshops for children and adults; directed by classically trained artist and experienced educator, Inna Slutskaya.

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Saturday Classes


for children 5+ and teens

Our students will have all the opportunities to grow artistically whether they decide to join our small in-person classes or prefer to work from home. We created a very flexible schedule for this school year: both formats will be offered in short monthly sessions (3 or 4 classes each). This way it will be easier to switch from online to in-person and back if necessary.

We will hold our regular studio classes on Saturdays. There are many benefits to attending classes in the studio. In addition to personalized instruction, children have an unlimited access to a treasure trove of quality art materials and can choose a project they want to work on. Attending our studio has been a place where kids have a chance to meet like-minded friends and exchange their creative ideas. We are implementing a few preventative measures to ensure our students safety, such as smaller class sizes to allow for social distancing, sanitizing work areas between classes, and improving the air flow and filtration with HEPA air purifiers. 


Online Classes

for children 5-13

Quarantine has turned to be not only a time of uncertainty and worries, but also a time of resilience and discovery. The time has come for us to discover the blessings of virtual teaching at the studio. Of course, we were thrilled we have the ability to stay in touch with our Sirin Family as well as an opportunity to reach a wider audience. But the magic of the screen does not end there. We have also found that the online class format offers many other benefits. For example, the virtual format has an effect of a magnifying glass when it comes to looking at the piece of art or studying a certain detail or an art technique. These classes will be offered in monthly sessions format for two age groups (5-8 and 9-13). Also check out our Pottery Online and Artzoom Mystery Project classes, which are great for students of any age and the whole family!

January 10, 2:30-3:30

Artzoom Mystery 

FREE online class

for the whole family

The idea behind this project is to help all of us to stay connected, to be able to catch up with the friends we have not seen for a while. Let’s have a bit of a good time working on a project… well actually, we won’t tell you what exactly you will be working on just yet. As a matter of fact, we will not tell you later either: you will have to guess what exactly we are trying to draw. So, you might want to have your family/friends join your team as we race to solving a mystery, have fun, and of course end up with a beautiful work of art. Moms, dads, grandmas, sibs, zoom right in! It will be easy and fun!

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