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SIRIN Art Studio

A professional art studio offering classes and unique workshops for children and adults; directed by classically trained artist and experienced educator, Inna Slutskaya.


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Schedule 2023-24 NEW CLASSES


We are very excited to unveil our new schedule for the 2023-2024 academic year. We believe that we are ready to accommodate any age and skill level: whether you are a 5-year-old experienced artist or an adult newbie. Check out our generous art spread and find your passion: paint, sketch, glue, build, sculpt, make your own plush toy or a puppet. And as a cherry on top, ceramics (AKA pottery) will be taught on a separate day and is available for students of all ages! We will meet you wherever you are in your artistic endeavors and take you on an exciting journey in the world of visual arts. 

It's time to


We love, love, LOVE working with pottery clay. But it became difficult to fit it regularly into our traditional class format when everyone is working on their own project at their own speed and many different techniques are being used at the same time. Therefore, we decided to give pottery clay its own day in our schedule. Or to be exact – late afternoon and evening on Monday. This way we will have plenty of space to spread out our creative wings. We are still going to be focusing exclusively on hand building techniques and encourage students to create original designs and characters. Even though we will be producing some useful vessels we think it is more appropriate to call our classes ceramics rather than pottery

Grown-ups are WELCOME!


That's right: we made space for older teens and grown-ups in our new schedule! Whether you have some experience in drawing and painting or just thought of it as something you would be interested in trying, our studio is the perfect place for you. We will meet you wherever you are on your artistic journey and help you to get further. There is an array of materials in the studio, all available for you to try.

Want to try your hand in ceramics? There is a class for you as well. Check out our offerings and join our fun crowd!

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