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10. Draw a pair of shoes. They may be mismatched. Pay attention to the details. 

11. A close up of the various pieces from a game, the board, box, etc.

12. Draw a set of keys hanging on the hook or laying on the table. 

13. Your pet or favorite object from 3 distinctly different views.

14. Draw your house or a building. 

15. Draw your window from outside. Make it as detailed as possible (curtains, stickers, your pet looking out etc.)

16. Draw a small group (3-5 pcs) of nuts and bolts

17. Draw a white egg on white background. Try not to use any lines - only shading.

To be continued.....

1. Draw a single flower with all its leaves, etc. Find as many details as you can. Look up botanical drawings for an inspiration. Sketch may be lightly rendered in color pencils.

2. Draw a whole single fruit (apple, banana, orange) with all the shades and markings. Peal or cut it and draw it again. Use graphite pencils. 

3. Draw a Kleenex box (including all the designs and writings) with the tissue sticking out. 

4. Draw your toothbrush and a toothpaste: in the cup or on the counter. Use graphite pencil only. Try to apply shading to show light and shadows.

5. Eat your breakfast (lunch, dinner), draw the plate (or container, packaging ) and utensils the way you left them. Include crumbs, bits of food etc.

6. Looking in the mirror draw your eye on half of your page. Try to be as detailed as you can. On another side of the page draw an eye of the cat. You may use a picture if you don’t have a designated model. Make sure both drawings are taking a good bit of the space in their half of a page. 

7.  Draw a tree or bush branch. Make sure you follow its curves and notice the “joints” from which the smaller branch is growing and so on. You may choose a budding, blooming or a bare branch. Use a soft granite pencil. You may add a little color to the booms or leaves is there are any.

8. Draw your mailbox, including the post and the ground, the flowers or anything else you have around it. Enjoy the lovely weather!

9. Draw an umbrella - open and closed.







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