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Mural, Mural...

Mixed age group

Imagine your child's drawings turned into a beautiful mural in your home. Truly one of a kind! Mural, Mural… is a unique art class where you and your child can work as a creative team, under the direction of a professional artist, to design and execute an original and meaningful work of art. Murals may be painted directly onto walls on location or on removable thin panels in the studio which can then be put up at home.

Family Time

Mixed age group

Have you ever been jealous of your child's art class? Your time has come! During Family Time classes you and your family are welcome to join your young artist. There is no age limit: we will gladly welcome a matriarch/patriarch of a family! Want to come without a young artist? Not a problem! Come with a friend, a group of coworkers or a date. Let's have an awesome art night out! A unique project will be designed to suit the specific interests and abilities of your group. You can work on one piece together or create complementary artworks. Projects are not limited to painting. We encourage you to try collage, multimedia, Paper Mache and more.

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