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Summer Camps & Programs
Season 2023

6-10* years old

Full day 9AM - 3PM

June 19-23    August 7-11


Let’s make art – and play with it! Yes, yes, play! We will be making our very own puppets and learning to work with them. We are inviting our young artists to enter an exciting world of textures, materials, characters, and endless possibilities to tell stories through puppets. It is truly magical when a few pieces of clay, paper, strings, and cloth come to life in the creative hands of a puppeteer.

Puppet making involves an array of art techniques and offers development of many important skills. We will sketch, sculpt, paint, cut, glue and more to make our characters. And while we are busy making our little actors, we will think up the stories they can tell.

*Older children are welcome to join this program.

Maximum number of students – 10

Cost: $400 per session**

**Extended day may be available for an additional fee

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Art Escapades

7-11 years old

Full day 9AM - 3PM

July 10-14   August 14-18


 2 spots left  

Art Escapades (formerly Sirin Summer Art camp) is our classic summer day program for passionate young artists. We have exciting plans for this summer and will be busier than ever. We will sketch and paint indoors and en plein air, in our studio and on field trips. In addition to spending a day working at the BMA, we hope to include the botanical gardens as a trip in Baltimore. We will create several different art pieces using a variety of mediums and techniques. All our projects will be connected by an overarching theme, which we will reveal at the beginning of the session.

Maximum number of students – 10

Cost: $400 per session*

*Extended day may be available for an additional fee

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All Day Art for teens

12+ years old

Extended day 9AM - 6PM

June 28-30   July 19-21



ALL DAY ART is a 3-day intensive for students 12+

On our field trips to the museum (The Walters or BMA, TBD) will have an opportunity to study our chosen subject in depth, have discussions, and compare our observations. Sketching and learning from actual masterpieces is an important part of our program. Later we will take our visual notes back to the studio as inspiration for an original project. 

Another goal, just as important in our view, is to create a quality (and mostly “unplugged”) social environment where our students can enjoy the company of like-minded creative people and be present together. Read more

Maximum number of students – 10


Cost: $380*

*Includes a lunch at  Papermoon Diner

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Puppet  Art -titude 

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