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Little Artists

4-6 years old

Schedule is TBD

This 90 min class focuses on developing observational, technical and fine motor skills. Students work with a variety of art mediums and craft materials while being encouraged to explore, experiment and create.

Art Foundations

5+ years old

Saturdays 12:30 - 2:30

In this 2-hour class we focus on learning the fundamental elements of design and composition by mastering a variety of techniques and materials. Students are encouraged to make each project into their own unique creation.

Class is offered in 10-week session and drop-in formats.

Supply is included in our rates.

Full session (10 weeks) $350

Drop-in (1 class) $40

Studio Art I

Saturdays 2:45-4:45

10+ years old

This 2-hour class is for students seeking in-depth art instruction and are able to work independently. Students work in small groups on individual projects and may choose the subject, genre and medium as it suits their area of interest. Emphasis is placed on creative exploration and creating quality pieces for an art portfolio.

Class is offered in 10-week session and drop-in formats.

Supply is included in our rates.

Full session (10 weeks) $350

Drop-in (1 class) $40

Studio Art II 

Sunday 12:30 - 2:30

12+ and advanced students

This class is geared toward students seeking in-depth art instruction as they work on developing their art portfolios. Students considering PVA schools and art careers in the future will focus on developing the necessary observational drawing skills required for auditions and portfolio presentations. High school students will also work on creating quality pieces of conceptual art, reflecting artistic skills and unique point of view. 

Class is offered in 10-week session and drop-in formats.

Supply is included in our rates.

Full session (10 weeks) $350

Drop-in (1 class) $40

Observational Drawing

3-day course

scheduled upon request

Teens and adults

We  offer series of 3-day crash courses in Observational (life) Drawing. The main goal of these courses is to demystify  daunting topics like perspective, proportions, creating 3-dimensional illusion, the structure of light and shadow etc. Each 3-day course will focus on a single assignment. Difficulty of assignments will progress from course to course: from simple geometric forms to more complex installations; from plaster head drawing to life model portrait. 


6hr course $90

8hr course $120*

Supply is included in our rates.

*Life model fees may be applied​

Family Time

Schedule your own class

Mixed age group

This is a perfect group for parents who’d rather paint than run errands while their child is in art class. Come to make art as a family! This format offers greater flexibility in scheduling and group rates. It can be any "family," like a group of friends or a home school group. In this class each student will be challenged - no matter their age and skill level. There are many techniques and materials to try in this class; including watercolor and acrylic painting, collage, puppet making and even ceramics. We recommend scheduling a minimum of 4 classes. If you are interested in just a one or two-day event, consider Family Time workshop.

​Recommended class size is 3-8 students. 

Rates start at $90 / class for a group of 3 students.

Art Class+

Tuesdays and Wednesdays 4:00-6:30 PM

After-school program

Art Class + is an after-school enrichment program for children interested in art. SIRIN Art Studio is a safe and creative environment for kids to relax and unwind after a busy school day and enjoy working on a project of their choice. We will also gladly assist with artistic school projects like illustrations, posters, models etc.

This program operates on monthly sessions bases (3-4 weeks per session). Complimentary transportation from school to the Studio may be arranged.

Recommended age 6-12 years old

Cost per session $98-130*

*We will offer a discounted rate in 2019-20 for students previously enrolled in this program

Friday Nights

Fridays 6-8 PM

Scheduled on weekly basis


This class is a great choice for adult students who are looking for an opportunity to unwind after a busy week while enjoying art making in the company of  like-minded friends. Students are encouraged to explore many different techniques and mediums, including acrylic and watercolor painting, silk painting, sculpting, pottery and much more. 

Cost per class $35-40*

*If fewer than 3 students attending

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